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Jill Dickman
YOUR Nevada Assemblywoman

Over 120 years ago, Mark Twain wrote, “No Man’s Life, Liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” His keen observation is as valid today as when he made it so many years ago.

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Meet Jill

As a life-long conservative Republican, I believe in, and have fought for, the traditional Republican principles of lower taxes, limited government, and more personal freedom and responsibility. In my case these aren’t simply words, they are actions. My commitment to these principles during my time in the Nevada Assembly earned me a 94% conservative rating and an Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union.

My grandparents emigrated from Russia shortly after the Bolshevik revolution. They saw the evils of Communism firsthand and heard about the freedom and opportunity in America. They came here legally, became citizens, learned English, and instantly fell in love with their new home.

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1344 Disc Drive, #201 Sparks, NV 89436

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